Play our music on your website

If you're a webmaster we'd love to help you play our music on your station. Simply send an email to webmasters@thechristmasstation.org.

We can provide all kinds of customization to meet your needs. The simplest option is one of our ready-to-go players. You simply paste the HTML into your website and you're done! If you have more specific needs, we can help you match the player to your website's branding, and even custom CSS or full-site integration. There is full documentation available if you want to do it yourself. We have a few simple requirements for people who want to use our stream on their website:

  • Give credit to The Christmas Station and include a prominent link to our website anywhere the player is displayed.

  • Don't monetize our content.

  • You may use the classic players displayed on our website. However, you may not copy the code and start using them without discussing it with us first.